About Neota

Citizen Development

We are all about citizen development, and making the power of software development accessible to all. We want to help you wave goodbye to the days of making prescriptive solutions fit your workflows, or exhausting time and money on internally or externally developed bespoke applications.

The Neota platform is designed, at its heart, to be intuitive and scalable. Simple solution prototyping and development with the potential to incorporate more complex tools from our toolbox, ultimately enhancing your workflows like never before.

Our automation systems allow you to deliver your stellar services more broadly, more in-depth, and more easily. We deliver the capability to build solutions to help across your enterprise and across use cases. And we know you might want to use other digital tools for niche circumstances, so we allow you to seamlessly integrate a growing number of commonly used tools.

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Ultimately, we empower you to construct the perfect end-to-end solutions to fully meet your needs.

We are passionate in partnering with our customers to improve our services, expand integrations, help guide you through our ever-growing toolset and building block library, and much more. With Neota, the Service in SaaS is as fundamental as ever.

About Neota

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