Allens Neota UTS Law Tech Challenge for Social Justice 2018: Grand Final Winners Announced

Allens Neota UTS Law Tech Challenge for Social Justice 2018: Grand Final Winners Announced
Allens Neota UTS Law Tech Challenge for Social Justice 2018: Grand Final Winners Announced

On Tuesday, July 31, the Allens Neota UTS Law Tech Challenge for Social Justice 2018 took place at the University of Technology Sydney Hatchery in Sydney, Australia.

The participating teams, consisting of UTS students and Allens lawyers, presented their applications which triage issues and provide information to help solve common legal issues.  Each team worked with a participating not-for-profit organisation to create a legal application, using Neota Logic’s artificial intelligence technology.

The judges were:

  • Professor Lesley Hitchens, Dean, UTS Faculty of Law
  • Simun Soljo, Partner, Financial Services Regulation, Allens
  • Alison Telfer, Managing Director, Blackrock.

The caliber of applications was of an extraordinary high quality, resulting in Justice by Design and B.Hive being announced as joint winners.  Ripple was also announced as the social media champion.

UTS Law’s Dr Philippa Ryan, who oversaw the Challenge with Beth Patterson of Allens, noted:

The collaboration between Neota Logic, Allens, and UTS creates a unique opportunity for our students to experience practice-authentic teamwork that supports access to social justice.

Dr Ryan also described the program as a…

transforming experience for everyone involved

Further details on the applications is below. And more information about the Allens Neota UTS Legal Tech Challenge is here.



  • Dear Landlord – Client: Justice Connect, Team: Justice by Design – Provides relevant information and documentation for individuals who have fallen behind on rent payments.  Can be used by individuals or by support workers. 
  • Refugee Legal Express – Client: Refugee Legal Service – Team: B.hive – Helps individuals gather the correct documents before an appointment at Refugee Legal Centre.  Streamlines the process by ensuring that clients bring the proper documentation, allowing the Refugee Legal lawyer to focus more on the client’s needs.


  • CLC NSW Recommendation ServiceClient: Community Legal Centres NSW, Team: Ripple – Connects individuals to community legal centres (CLCs).  Performs a quick interview to find the most appropriate CLC.


  • Sample Agreement Suitability Selector – Client: Arts Law NSW, Team: ThinkForward – Helps Australian artists and art organisations gain access to low-cost, specialised legal information and resources.  Assists individuals in finding the most appropriate sample agreements from an otherwise difficult to navigate database.  
  • NACLC Volunteer Connect & CLC Client Profiles – Client: National Association of Community Legal Centres, Team: The UpCycle – These apps work together to match legal volunteers with community legal centres (CLCs). The NACLC Volunteer Connect application helps individuals find potential CLCs where they can volunteer.  The CLC Client Profiles application helps CLCs process and evaluate volunteer applications based on the applicant interests, experience and availability. 

Neota Logic extends congratulations to all teams involved!

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