Automating the Hiring and Onboarding Process: A Checklist

Sandra Aldi
Automating the Hiring and Onboarding Process: A Checklist
Automating the Hiring and Onboarding Process: A Checklist

Corporate departments – especially human resource divisions – are constantly challenged to deliver better and faster results – with fewer resources. As a result, automation solutions are increasingly being utilized to streamline numerous activities, including the employee hiring and onboarding procedure.

One of the more time-consuming, labor-intensive, and extremely critical components of the traditional HR employee recruitment and application process involves screening and interviewing potential employees. Here is a checklist outlining some steps that can transform and automate your hiring and onboarding workflow:


Recruitment-Application Process

Instead of manually posting the job description and tracking applicants, a digital solution does the following:

  • Posts the job description via an application embedded on the company careers website.
  • Takes potential applicants directly to an application after they review the job description and click ‘Apply.’
  • Gives each applicant a unique identifier number.
  • Asks the applicant a number of pre-determined questions, including:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Contact number
    • Email
    • Past work experience
    • Education/qualifications (instance table)
    • Desired salary
    • Names of referees
    • Referee email and contact number
    • Permission to contact referees
    • Two or more open-ended questions, such as:
      • Why are you applying for this job?
      • Why are you interested in a role with a start-up?
    • Automatically stores the applicant’s answers.


Hiring Manager Review

As opposed to requiring HR to physically review the applicants’ responses and create a report for the hiring manager, the solution will:

  • Generate a report and send it to the hiring manager for review once the applicant answers the questions via an app link or a Question and Answer Report.
  • Send an email inviting selected applicants to come in for an interview.


Interview and Reference Check

After conducting the interviews, the HR department traditionally must manually review notes and check references. However, a digital solution can:

  • Generate, complete, and save all interview notes.
  • Automatically send reference checks (with information retrieved from the applicant’s original answers) by email to referees listed by the applicant.


Review and Approval

Once the final decision has been made, final approval must be given by the CEO, which can take an extended amount of time. This delay can be avoided if automation is utilized to:

  • Send the following information to the CEO (or appropriate person) for final approval:
    • Original applicant answers
    • Interview notes
    • Referee reference
  • Generate and send a draft employment letter to the hiring manager for approval or further editing.
  • Once approved, the solution forwards the letter to the new employee for integrated e-signature.


New Employee Onboarding

After a new employee is hired, numerous tasks must typically be accomplished before they can be onboarded and begin work. At this stage of the process, automation can be used to:

  • Generate an email populated with details describing the person’s role, compensation, etc. to each person or department responsible for completing critical tasks.
  • Trigger task status updates through a return email from the person or department confirming the tasks have been completed.
  • Outline a list of key tasks to complete prior to the new hire’s first day. For example:
  • Finance must set the new employee up in payroll.
  • IT generates the new hire’s ID card, laptop, email set up, workstation, and telephone.
  • Direct managers prepare suggested activities to perform the first day.
  • New employees need to know what to bring on the first day, bank account information, tax forms, etc.

Evaluation and Performance Review

After the onboarding process is completed, managers can save time tracking employee progress with digital solutions that can:

  • Assemble logic-driven questionnaires to assign their employees to complete and review.
  • Monitor and manage the review progress via analytics.
  • Generate bespoke review documentation from the process via the solution’s document automation capabilities.


Ready to Discover New Hiring and Onboarding Solutions for Your Organization?

A comprehensive hiring and onboarding process is a win-win for everyone involved. And automating hiring and onboarding is a game changer. To learn more about the range functionalities and tools the Neota platform can build to automate the processes, workflows, and knowledge of your organization, check out our Use Case Ebook today.

You can also learn more about leveraging automation for HR business processes in our blog, The Brave New World of HR Recruitment and Onboarding.

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