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Developing complex solutions with no-code

Modern organizations are increasingly relying on custom digital solutions to streamline processes, increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and drive growth.  For the purposes of this article, we will assume that ...

5th June 2023
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Going at it Together: Valuing a Technology Partner over Technology Vendor

What’s the difference between a technology partner and a technology vendor, and why does it matter?For many types of tech that your organization procures, the people on the vendor-side supporting ...

15th May 2023
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How to Determine Whether Neota is a Good Fit for Your Use Case

When I speak with existing customers and prospects, two of the most often asked questions I get are ‘how do I know if Neota is the right tool to build ...

20th April 2023
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The value of no-code over traditional software development

Having seen Neota’s value first hand, especially during the consultative onboarding of new clients, it’s clear why companies switch from traditional to no-code development. Many of our clients have used ...

16th February 2023
Article – website – Platform v Point
Platform v. point solutions: Making sense of enterprise technology

As enterprise software adoption continues to speed along, a clear distinction is developing between two strategies: the ‘point solution’ and the ‘platform’ approach. Both approaches have their merits, but it is ...

9th January 2023
Article – website – Coding Camp
Coding Camp, without the Code: Is this the future of software development?

Fall is finally here, but not everyone in my house is happy about it. My 7-year-old had the best summer of her life. Theater lessons, dinosaur camp, and… computer programming. When ...

5th October 2022
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Data Science, Not Rocket Science

I’m from North Carolina, and no one enjoys a colloquialism more than us Southerners. One of my favorite expressions is “You get out what you put in.”I say it often, ...

4th August 2022
3 key considerations when choosing a no-code platform
3 key considerations when choosing a no-code platform

So you’ve decided it’s time to bring in a no-code platform. You understand no-code’s power and potential to drive efficiency, speed, and quality. Enabling non-technical people in your organisation to ...

4th July 2022
“Paperwork and Process”
“Paperwork and Process”

Growing up, our television was always turned to my mom’s favorite show, “Law and Order.”  If you’re not familiar, it’s an American legal drama very loosely based on real-life events.In ...

5th May 2022
An Anti-Diet Approach to Work: More No-code, Less No Carb
An Anti-Diet Approach to Work: More No-code, Less No Carb

With the first month of 2022 now behind us, we can take a collective deep breath. We survived the holidays, a chaotic return to work, and most of the “New ...

2nd February 2022
LexisNexis Advancing Together: No-code
LexisNexis Advancing Together: No-code

(Originally published on p.6 of LexisNexis’ Advancing Together publication. Read here for full publication)No-code platforms will change the rule of law forever. Imagine a world of immediate access to guidance ...

24th January 2022
Neota’s new look primary image
Neota’s new look

As the needs of our customers evolved, naturally, so did our brand story.Over the past decade, Neota has built a strong history as one of the pioneers of no-code. Neota ...

11th January 2022