The Future of Legal Services

The American Bar Association CommissionHere at Neota Logic we have strong views about the future of the legal profession, so we were pleased that our Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer ...

13th April 2015
Law Schools & Technology

Surveying the LandscapeA theme in several presentations to the American Bar Association Commission on the Future of Legal Services is changes that will be needed in legal education to prepare ...

3rd March 2015
Neota Logic Blog In the Clawbies

Canadian Law Blog Awards 2014The Canadian Law Blog Awards for 2014 named the Neota Logic blog as a runner-up, with this comment:Expert Thinking, the blog of expert application developer Neota ...

5th January 2015
Integration, Analysis & User Experience

Neota Logic Server 7.5In our blog, we write mostly about the world outside the walls of the office. But from time to time, we have inside news.We are very pleased ...

24th November 2014
What’s Wrong With Legal Services?

One of us Neota Logicians had the great privilege last week to attend the College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference 2014. The College is unique among legal industry organizations ...

26th October 2014
Neota Logic at the 2014 Ark KM Conference

Neota Logic participated in a panel The Future of Search at the 2014 Ark KM Conference, and offered a smorgasbord of recommendations for law firm search administrators.EXTERNAL LINK

22nd October 2014
Expert Systems in Legal Services

Challenge & OpportunityOne of us Neota Logicians recently joined Georgetown Law Professor Tanina Rostain and Littler Chief Knowledge Officer Scott Rechtschaffen to talk about expert systems in the law. The ...

20th September 2014
Technology & The Future of Law

A forecast in four actsOne of us Neota Logicians recently joined compatriots from the innovation wing of the legal tech industry to talk (and even think) about the likely effects ...

5th September 2014
Neota Logic at ILTA 2014

Expert Systems + The Future of LawNeota Logic participated in two ILTA 2014 panels: Expert Systems, with Tanina Rostain of Georgetown Law and Scott Rechtschaffen of Littler; and The Future ...

22nd August 2014
The Fastcase 50

An ecosystem of innovation in lawWith two of our co-founders among the Fastcase 50’s (Michael Mills 2012 and John Lord 2014), we decided this morning to have a fresh look ...

16th June 2014
Legal Services Renovation

A report from the job sitePoor old law. She needs to be reinvented, reborn, coded, hacked, futured, normalized, and lifted up by angels.But … in the meantime, we have work ...

28th May 2014
Access to Justice & Technology

Everyone, anytime, anywhere“Eighty percent of low income people have trouble obtaining legal representation or otherwise accessing the civil court system to protect their property, family, and livelihood.” (Brennan Center for ...

16th April 2014