Building Blocks

Streamline the building process with our pre-configured Building Blocks that can be connected to either self-built solutions or our Use Case Templates that are available straight from your Workbench.

Building Block_Clause library

Clause library

Create, store and reuse clauses within and across your solutions and eliminate the need to involve the legal team for every change with pre-approved clauses.

Building Block_E-signature integration

E-signature integration

Add in third party e-signature solutions such as DocuSign into your workflow without touching a single line of code.

Building Block_Cloud storage-document management system integration

Cloud storage / document management system integration

Retrieve or store documents with your own internal document management system such as iManage and SharePoint Online, to make sure filing occurs the right way, every time.

Building Block_Negotiation


Add online negotiation into your workflow for a modern collaboration process that ensures a seamless process with only one document being edited at a time.

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