Client Matter Onboarding

Norwegian law firm Thommessen built a Neota solution incorporating all our main pillars: document automation, process automation, expertise automation, and Neota Data Manager.

They moved from the historically manual and inefficient new client matter onboarding process known to all those in legal private practice. These high volume internal processes consist of document executions, filing and forwarding, and populating information already inputted elsewhere along the procedure.

Using Neota’s no-code automation platform, Thommessen developed a comprehensive matter onboarding system where documents were automatically developed and executed, decisions automated, and all this feeding into an end-to-end workflow automation system.

Thommessen easily integrated their pre-existing CRM system, Salesforce, and other pre-existing solutions with Neota to create a seamless experience, saving huge amounts of time and resources. Complete the form below to read the full case study:

Thommessen case study mockup