Use case: Claims and intake management

All in one automated workflow

Insurance claims intake and management with Neota means flexibility, speed, and a streamlined digital user experience for both the claimant and claims handler.


Route claims to the right team based on pre-determined logic, or initiate human-in-the-loop (HITL) management for particular types of cases with ease.


Claims routing and triage can be as simple or as complex as you require – simply drag-and-drop to add approval stages, requests for further information, and more.


Features_DA – End-to-end contract lifecycle solution

Speed up claims processing

Save time and reduce costs, all while enhancing the customer experience

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Keep claims on track

Manage claims from one streamlined portal

Features_PA – Flexibility 1

Flexible automated process

Customize claims routing to your exact needs, with human-in-the-loop as required

The Challenge


Claims can be a cumbersome and complex process. Legacy software often still means repetitive manual data entry, lengthy response times, and frustrated customers.

For insurers, claims are a critical part of the customer lifecycle. A confusing or difficult process – even where already digitized – can be the difference between a policy renewal or termination.

Use case: Claims and intake management

The Solution


Customers can file claims online, streamlining the initial submission process.

Using rules and logic, claims can be handled entirely automatically, or under certain circumstances you can require human intervention for cases with complexities or anomalies. Tailor the process to your exact needs.

Insurers can then use a centralized portal for efficient case management and review.

Over time, this centralized data repository can be used to identify trends and patterns, supporting proactive risk management and policy adjustments.

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Key features

Features_PA – Visual construction

Design your claims process exactly how you want

Route claims using custom logic, and integrate human oversight where necessary, ensuring that complex or sensitive claims receive the appropriate level of attention and expertise

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Easily make updates and maintain

New policy or regulations mean you need to add an additional step? Just edit the steps in our visual development environment without taking the tool offline

Features_EA – Designer Themes

True design and brand ownership

Customize your claims portal with your own branding and visual identity to resonate with customers with custom themes and design tools

Features_EA – Reasoning across data sets

Centralized data and tracking

Reduce manual data entry, reduce errors, and use data to spot bottlenecks and continuously improve processes

Features_EA – Multiple logic tools

Connect systems with custom integrations

Integrate with your CRM, open-source databases, or any tool with a RestAPI to make the workflow even easier, pull in data, and more

Features_DA – Process Automation

Seamless user experience, for claimant and handler

Ask only the questions you need to, when you need to, and streamline the claims experience in one workflow portal


How can a Neota claims intake and management solution help?

Save time and money spent on the claims handling process

Enhance accuracy and reduce human error

Enhance customer retention and lifetime value

Manage your claims process all in one place

Allow handlers to spend time on the complex cases



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