Use case: Compliance advisor

Compliance without compromise


Navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance with Neota by bringing unmatched precision, agility, and a user-friendly digital interface to compliance management.


Simplify regulatory compliance across jurisdictions with streamlined advice automation, blending automated logic and human oversight.


Tailor your approach to compliance with customizable workflows that can handle everything from routine regulatory checks to intricate compliance scenarios requiring detailed analysis and multiple layers of review.


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Comprehensive compliance management solution

Control compliance from a unified portal, consolidating your team's expertise into one application to boost confidence and ensuring no detail is missed

Features_PA – Tracking

Enhanced regulatory compliance

Reduce the risk of non-compliance and associated costs, all while improving operational efficiency

Features_DA – Process Automation

Customizable compliance process automation

Configure compliance verification to match your unique regulatory landscape, with the flexibility to include expert review where necessary

The Challenge


Navigating compliance is increasingly complex and fraught with potential for error. Traditional, manual processes for interpreting and applying regulations are slow and unreliable, risking non-compliance and the consequences that follow.

Maintaining regulatory compliance is vital for businesses to protect their reputation and financial health. An inefficient or outdated compliance process can lead to significant compliance failures, damaging trust and incurring penalties.

Use case: Compliance advisor

The Solution


Neota enhances compliance management by automating reviews and assessments, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention.

Our platform supports the automation of essential activities such as risk assessment, documentation review, and reporting, promoting a consistent compliance program organization-wide.

The platform’s automation capabilities are designed to handle routine compliance tasks, while also providing the framework for manual oversight in situations that require a deeper level of scrutiny.

Additionally, dynamic dashboards provide real-time monitoring of compliance statuses, ensuring stakeholders are well-informed about compliance obligations.

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Key features

Features_EA – Logic-Rules

Advanced risk assessment with optional oversight

Support for complex logic around risk assessments, with optional human oversight, allowing for exception-based decision-making in complex regulatory environments.

Features_PA – Flexibility

Comprehensive support across jurisdictions

Easily adapt your compliance processes to meet the requirements of different jurisdictions, with tools designed to handle the complexities of operating across various regulatory landscapes.

Features_PA – Visual construction

Respond to regulatory updates

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with version control. Easily update your compliance workflows to ensure your processes remain current and fully compliant with the latest standards and regulations.

Features_EA – Multiple logic tools

Automated notifications and non-compliance alerts

Receive instant alerts and notifications for critical compliance events or milestones, ensuring prompt attention to potential issues and maintaining continuous compliance.

Features_DA – End-to-end contract lifecycle solution

Documentation and reporting

Automated generation and management of compliance-related documentation and reports for consistency across records and improving audit readiness.

Features_DA – Data and analytics

Dynamic dashboards for real-time monitoring

Use dynamic dashboards that provide real-time monitoring of compliance statuses, ensuring that all stakeholders are well-informed about obligations and the overall health of your processes.


How can a Neota compliance automation solution help?

Reduce manual workload in compliance tasks

Ensure timely compliance with all regulatory requirements

Cut risks and expenses caused by non-compliance

Achieve global compliance

Immediate insights into status with real-time dashboards



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