Use case: Contract automation

Efficient, compliant, lifecycle tracking and management

Contract management with Neota offers unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and a seamless digital experience for all parties involved. Streamline your contract lifecycle from creation to execution, ensuring accuracy and compliance at every step.


Automate contract creation, review, and approval processes with predefined logic or incorporate human oversight for complex agreements or negotiations.


Design your contract workflows to be as straightforward or intricate as needed. Effortlessly add clauses, set approval hierarchies, and trigger alerts for milestones or renewals.


Features_DA – Process Automation

Streamline efficiency and satisfaction

Accelerate contract cycles whilst minimizing manual tasks and errors, reducing operational costs and improving stakeholder satisfaction

Features_EA – Multiple logic tools

Oversight and insights always accessible

Manage all contracts from a centralized, accessible portal. Get trends and insights instantly.

Features_PA – Visual construction

Your custom workflow, automated

Tailor contract management to fit your business needs, with customizable workflow automation. With optional human oversight for nuanced negotiations.

The Challenge


Contract management can be a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Traditional methods often involve manual drafting, tracking, and approval, leading to delays and compliance risks.

For businesses, effective contract management is crucial for operational efficiency and risk mitigation.

Inefficient processes can lead to contractual misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and legal disputes.

Use case: Contract automation

The Solution


Stakeholders can initiate contracts using digital templates, streamlining the drafting phase.

Employ rules and logic to automate the review and approval process, while allowing for human intervention in complex or high-stakes contracts. The exact workflow can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Use a centralized dashboard for transparent contract tracking, status updates and real-time insights, facilitating trend analysis, strategic decision-making and contract optimization.

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Key features

Features_DA – End-to-end contract lifecycle solution

Comprehensive, tailored contract creation

Craft your contract, no matter the complexity. We support all levels of nuance whether at the word, clause or page level, ensuring each contract is crafted with precision and compliance.

Features_PA – Logic-Rules

Dynamic contract negotiation

Negotiate on your terms. Choose counterparty negotiation options such as fallback clauses or free text negotiation, online or offline, to align with your business needs—enhancing flexibility and streamlining efficiency.

Features_DA – Integrations

Flexible, adaptable process automation

Need to adjust for new regulations or business requirements? Quickly edit workflows in our intuitive design environment, without downtime.

Features_EA – Designer Themes

Customizable design themes

Take full control of your contract process design with our customizable design themes. Tailor your interface with unique branding and themes that reflect your company's identity to ensure a cohesive and branded user journey.

Features_EA – Reasoning across data sets

Cohesive system integration

Connect with existing databases, document management and customer relationship management systems, and any other tool via Rest API. We ensure your contract management process is fully integrated with your existing operational ecosystem, boosting efficiency for smoother, unified operations.

Features_DA – Data and analytics

Tracking and data-driven insights

Enhance your contract management process with our dashboard designed for efficient tracking, rerouting, sending reminders, overseeing renewals, and more. The data-rich dashboard provides actionable insights by analyzing contract data, highlighting areas for improvement.


How can a Neota contract automation solution help your business?

Centralize and streamline your entire contract lifecycle

Improve contract accuracy and compliance

Boost stakeholder satisfaction and engagement

Cut time and resources spent on contract management

Focus on strategic initiatives rather than admin tasks



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