Drag-and-drop: Why law firms and legal teams are opting for bespoke automation solutions

Many law firms and legal departments are discovering the limitations of off-the-shelf technology. Although they can get teams off to a fast start, they can run into roadblocks and often do not cater to the specific needs and requirements of the jobs at hand.

Now, many are creating their own bespoke applications, targeting their exact needs in the way they want – all without coding. From optimising internal processes to building client or public facing portals, these teams are drastically enhancing their capabilities and digital prowess to help deliver their services like never before.

Join us to learn more about best practises, the kinds of digital tools Neota customers are building, and how you could revolutionise your service delivery. The session was by Neota’s Senior Director of Client Solutions and Consulting, Shaz Aziz.

Shaz Aziz
Shaz Aziz
Senior Director, Client Solutions & Consulting,
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