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We are driven by what our automation platform can do for others. To make sure its value lasts and grows, we have to make sure the next generation is confident in using it and developing it for their needs in the workplace.

The accessibility of no-code automation, coupled with our education initiatives, means we can provide invaluable skills to individuals as they enter an increasingly digitized world, with confidence.

We teach the use of our technology in a number of leading universities around the world, and collaborate with global initiatives including Law Without Walls and Global Legal Hackathon. Many of our students help develop the pro bono solutions which we deliver.

Our pro bono work helps deliver our platform’s ability to develop bespoke solutions to speed up and simplify processes where it is needed most.

As many pro bono organizations are underfunded and many common queries have similar assessment patterns, our platform allows these organizations to scale their services like never before, and deliver help more easily and efficiently for everyone.

Neota in Universities

We collaborate with universities to help students demystify the tech solutions increasingly being used in the workplace. We guide students through building solutions, as well as getting them to think about digital transformation and business automation as broader concepts.

Our student builders usually work in small teams with a pro bono organization as a client. They walk through the steps of troubleshooting, designing, and building real-world solutions to help the organization fulfil its own mission.

The future is digital, and we’re helping the next generation prepare!

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Community Programs

The flexibility and scalability of our platform and the solutions built in it mean it can be invaluable for any service delivery organization. Usually, this is needed most by pro-bono organizations with stretched resources, whose work and advice is also often suited to automation. Alongside the work our university students do, we work directly with pro bono legal organizations to help build intelligent solutions to serve their clients.

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