NEOTA’S Richard Seabrook FEATURED IN The Global Legal Post

NEOTA’S Richard Seabrook FEATURED IN The Global Legal Post
NEOTA’S Richard Seabrook FEATURED IN The Global Legal Post

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In the article, From AlphaGo to AlphaLaw? published in The Global Legal Post, legal futurist Chrissie Lightfoot looks at how advancements in AI are evolving the nature of the legal industry and the role of lawyers.

Chrissie talked with Neota Logic‘s Managing Director of Europe, Richard Seabrook, and he explained that:

‘The kind of AI technology we have created here at Neota enables the lawyer or GC to model their reasoning (rules) and judgement into software. Basically, you are brain dumping your knowledge and experience into software and creating algorithms in order to respond to the client without actually needing to be available in person, if you choose to.’

For example, this AI could be deployed for complex document assembly, real-time compliance checks or online legal assessment and advice solutions. Mr Seabrook continues:

‘The power of technologies such as Neota are a) the speed of development – AI based apps can be built in rapid response to new regulation, for example and b) it positively changes the experience the client (customer or GC) has with the law firm and c) the ability to model the best legal expert on their best day operating without limitation. Software shows no bias and never forgets a case so you are never compromising on quality or accuracy, which in the right scenarios has got to be a great thing for the customer.’

From AlphaGo to AlphaLaw?


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