How to Automate an MSA without coding

Watch back on this webinar where we show you how to automate your own service agreements and schedules in a matter of hours, without writing a line of code. While Master Service Agreements are used to simplify future business relations, processes are often hindered by confusing audit trials, messy re-drafting, and time-consuming approval processes. With Neota’s no-code automation platform and our pre-built modular MSA Product, corporate legal departments can easily implement a seamless end-to-end MSA workflow. Create, negotiate, and execute MSAs all online, with a full audit trail and integrated approval process. The solution can be used for a variety of agreements with sub-agreements and schedules other than MSAs alone. In this webinar, Neota’s Shaz Aziz discusses the benefit and flexibility of the solution, where its value may lie for your business, and how as a former lawyer is able to build powerful enterprise software using Neota’s visual development platform.


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