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Accelerate the delivery of your solutions

Neota’s no-code platform enables the financial services sector to quickly build bespoke solutions to manage the ever-increasing regulations and new disruptive business models.

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Increase productivity

Get more work done by digitizing your financial services

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Free up resources

Automation allows your staff to focus on more complex tasks

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24/7 accessibility

Allow your business and customers to access your online financial services any time of day or night

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Increase accuracy

Ensure your business and customers receive accurate and consistent financial advice

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Ensure compliance

Help your business and customers remain compliant with expert financial advice at their fingertips and an audit trail of data provided

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New business opportunities

With new legal services you can now offer using applications built in Neota

Hear it from the best

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Andrew Hawkes – Customer testimonial
Ben Shillito – Customer testimonial
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Alice Collins
"Neota has enabled us to build our industrial ergonomic applications much faster and we've utilized our existing non-technical workforce to build out the solutions"
Andy Hawkes, CEO at Cardinus Risk Management
"It took us 2 weeks to build the prototype of our first app using Neota's no-code platform"
Ben Shillito, Legal Director, Head of Digital Services at Fujitsu
"Neota helps us provide legal advice to clients on discrete areas of the law from personal injury to employment, immigration to construction, at scale in circumstances where in the absence of a scalable solution, it would not be economic for our clients to pay for “traditional” advice. Neota has been the underpinning for a number of awards for which we have been, and continue to be, nominated."
Stuart Whittle, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Weightmans
"Neota has enabled us to design and build business critical applications that underpin our legal strategy. This includes codifying the assessment of risk in new deals and automation of documents such as NDAs and ICAs. The ability to undertake development in-house with the support of the Neota team gives us the flexible and speed we require to be able to meet our objectives."
Alice Collins, Legal & Commercial Head of Data and Innovation at Fujitsu

Scale expertise and streamline processes

Build solutions to automate the drafting, negotiation and execution of complex documents such as International Swaps and Derivatives Agreement (ISDAs) and share subscription agreements.


Automate client-facing processes such as client onboarding, conflict of interest checks and anti-money laundering assessments with Neota.

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