Neota for Health Information teams

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High volume health information requests, managed with ease

Revolutionize the way that you manage requests for information under Freedom of Information (FOI), Health Records Information and Privacy Act (HRIP), and Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPA) frameworks.

Easily streamline the information request process and eliminate the need for manual intervention, save time, and reduce the risk of errors with Neota’s workflow automation capabilities

By automating the management of FOI, HRIP, and GIPA requests, Neota delivers digital solutions that are user-friendly, efficient, and compliant. Our platform enables you to easily manage large volumes of requests, while maintaining consistency and accuracy.

Neota for Health Information teams
Automate managing health information requests

Easily streamline large volumes of information requests.

Neota for Health Information teams
Unburden your team

Free yourself and your team from spreadsheets and juggling multiple stakeholders in managing requests.

Neota for Health Information teams
Monitor status and view in-built analytics

Monitor the status of a particular request from a dashboard and easily identify bottlenecks.

Deliver scalable, efficient, and compliant digital solutions

Neota empowers small teams to deliver services at scale. You can quickly and easily build solutions that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs, without the need for coding or technical expertise.

Tools managing health information requests can include a range of powerful features, including document automation, data management, workflow automation, and decision automation

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