Is Riverview Law’s Kim the Wake Up Call for UK Law?

Is Riverview Law’s Kim the Wake Up Call for UK Law?

by: Richard Seabrook, Managing Director Europe at Neota Logic

At Neota Logic we applaud Riverview Law and their announcement of the arrival of Kim.

We believe this is a game-changing moment for the UK legal market that has been slow to embrace technology innovation and adapt to the changing needs of the client. Technology-enabled legal services are tomorrow’s law, available today.

For more evidence of this, look at our FT Innovation award winning partnership in US with Littler-Mendelson; ComplianceHR a comprehensive technology-enabled employment law service.

At Neota, we’re looking even further ahead.

We envision a world of legal algorithms and platforms. Algorithms that solve once and forever, the legal and compliance issues facing companies and individuals. Platforms that enable a seamless client experience and provide ubiquitous access to legal expertise and ultimately to justice.

We call this Algorithmic Law.

In the world of Algorithmic Law, every law firm will have the opportunity to capture their unique combination of experience, judgement and relationships into algorithms and make them available at internet scale through intelligent platforms such as Neota.

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