Leveraging Generative AI for successful digital transformation

As Generative AI gains traction as a feasible professional tool, businesses are finding novel ways to drive value using Large Language Models (LLMs) for digital transformation.

In order for Generative AI to form part of a successful digital transformation roadmap it requires a framework for success and a deep understanding of the problems it is being used to solve. There are also some persistent risks associated with the use of LLMs, leading to questions around the value of using these tools in a business setting.

Check out the recording for an exploration of how Generative AI is changing the digital roadmap for businesses, and some recommendations for doing so in a risk-conscious, scalable, and effective way. And learn more about our own experience with Generative AI in our recent blog.

Shaz Aziz
Shaz Aziz
Senior Director, Client Solutions & Consulting,
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