The Neota Difference

The complete package

Neota is the only no-code platform that supports knowledge automation, document generation and BPMN-aligned workflow automation capabilities, as well as built-in analytics and reporting to measure success.

Process automation

  • Neota’s Workflow tool utilizes Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) standard visual connections in its drag-and-drop interface
  • Easily create conditional Workflow logic (do task A if X, otherwise do task B)
  • Set automatic reminders if Workflow tasks have not been completed in a defined period of time
  • Create multi-party interactions that include both sequential and parallel tasks
  • Create and design actions throughout the Workflow

Knowledge automation

  • Support for both declarative and procedural forms of reasoning through our proprietary inference engine
  • Combine different forms of logic within the same solution (IF/THEN rules, Decision Trees, Formulas, Weighted Scoring)
  • Provide for both backward chaining and/or automated prioritization
  • Advanced Formula Editor which supports the construction of highly sophisticated calculations and reusable functions to support automated financial outputs
  • Spreadsheet Editor that allows existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to be uploaded to a Neota built solution and for existing Excel formula to be utilized within that solution
The Neota difference – Expertise Automation

Document automation

  • Native Word plugin tool to automate templates created in Microsoft Word
  • Generate documents that includes automated numbering, cross-referencing and footnotes
  • Support for multi-party digital signatures
  • Supports clause referencing
  • Easily create a number of negotiation functionalities such as redlining and departure tables
The Neota difference – Document Automation

Data management

  • Enable no-code interactions with standard SQL and Postgres Databases
  • Automatic creation and modification of SQL tables based on application data structure changes
  • Automatic synchronization of data structures to SQL databases

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