Neota for Insurance

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One Platform. Endless Possibilities.

ROI is always top of mind when implementing digital business transformation and automation initiatives that traditionally require significant time and resources. That’s where no-code technology can help – lowering your cost to quickly build, connect, and launch tailored digital solutions.

Even after you’ve deployed, Neota helps drastically bring down the cost and effort involved with change management by making it much easier to make updates on the fly. Ensure that you can monitor and report on each step of the process too with built-in data management.

Sample Workflow: Automated Claims Settlement Process

Insurance can be chaotic at times.

But simplifying and streamlining processes while ensuring a high standard of work is easier than you might think.

Learn more in this quick video showing a tailored insurance claims automation workflow, built entirely on Neota’s no-code platform.

Try the claims demo for yourself

Why Do Insurance Companies Love Neota?

The insurance business moves fast once a decision is made – Neota arms business leads with the tools and information to efficiently deploy, track, and report.

Neota is a platform designed to be used by non-technical and technical business users alike. This means a solution or change that would typically take months to develop and deploy can be done in a fraction of the time, and implemented by those closest to the process and who know it best.

Because Neota takes less time and resources than traditional development, many clients integrate their existing systems with Neota applications to boost their tech stack.

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