Neota Logic Introduces Next-Generation Platform, Neota Logic 9

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Neota Logic Introduces Next-Generation Platform, Neota Logic 9

New York, NY –-January 29, 2018–-Neota Logic, creators of the only artificial intelligence-driven platform for the intelligent automation of expertise, documents, and business processes, today announced a new platform release,  Neota Logic 9, with added features for helping clients to manage and analyze data, and build workflows.

Key enhancements in Neota Logic 9 are:

  • Neota Data Manager (NDM)—Clients can build Neota Logic apps centered on Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases without knowing SQL, writing code, or calling on programmers or database administrators.
  • Data Analytics—NDM data can be displayed in multiple dashboards as data grids, charts, and statistical analyses of many kinds. Customized dashboards can be created in minutes.
  • Workflows—Neota Logic apps can instantiate and manage business processes from simple approvals to complex escalations and e-signatures. Progress is tracked and metrics are gathered in data grid and chart views.
  • User Experience—All tools (apps, dashboards, workflows) are presented in a new Workbench with a modern HTML5 user interface that runs equally well on desktops and portable devices.
  • Document Automation—A new Microsoft Word Toolbar simplifies creation of templates for complex logic-driven contracts and other documents.
  • Payments—Neota Logic applications can collect payment by credit card at any point in the process, with a range of pricing methods.

“Our central theme in Neota Logic 9 is data—big, small, and medium-sized,” said Michael Mills, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Neota Logic. “We’re giving clients the ability to exploit with easy-to-use tools all the fine-grained data that Neota Logic apps gather and create—facts, conclusions, recommendations, risk scores, documents, and so on.”

“Neota Logic 9 was driven by feedback from our clients, some of the largest financial services and insurance companies and leading law firms in the US, UK, and Australia,” said Mills. “Our very full roadmap for the year ahead has a key goal: enabling our clients to do ‘more for less‘.”

A demo of Neota Logic 9 can be scheduled by registering at the link here.

About Neota Logic

Neota Logic delivers artificial intelligence software for automating legal services delivery.  Our AI software platform allows clients to rapidly automate their lawyer’s expertise, helping them to improve the quality of their business decisions while reducing risks and costs. For more information, visit


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Catherine Ostheimer
Neota Logic
60 E 42nd Street, Suite 1810 –New York, NY 10165
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