Neota Logic supports pioneers and entrepreneurs offering access to justice through LegalTech

Neota Logic supports pioneers and entrepreneurs offering access to justice through LegalTech

At Neota Logic, one of our goals is to encourage professionals to use our technology to address the vast, unfulfilled demand for their expertise – the “excluded majority” (some have said up to 80% of businessmen and women in the USA, 54% of all small businesses and 33% of consumers in the UK, along with the unquantified number of people and firms in other countries across the world) who do not have access to an affordable lawyer when they need one.

To date, we have proudly worked on projects such as providing tens of thousands of US families free assessment of their eligibility for benefits under US Family Medical Leave Act and partnered with Georgetown Law School’s Iron Tech program to allow law students to build applications to address real needs in the Access to Justice space, such as the Virginia Legal Aid Society’s Intake Advisor.

Continuing this tradition, we are delighted to support those pioneers and entrepreneurs who are willing to take the plunge and productise their legal expertise for the benefit of the rest of us. It is therefore extremely exciting for us to see today’s launch of Chrissie Lightfoot’s Ai Tech Support’s online NDA “RoboAdvisor,” Lisa. This sophisticated non-disclosure agreement advisor is designed to give businesses access to the advice and expertise of top lawyers, all at the touch of a few buttons and for free.

We hope many businesses and individuals will benefit from using it.

We wish Chrissie and Adam well in their new venture and will be supporting and encouraging them all the way!

To contact Chrissie Lightfoot:

P: +44 (0)7793 510104


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