Neota Logic recognized as a Legal & Regulatory Solutions Key Disruptor

Neota Logic recognized as a Legal & Regulatory Solutions Key Disruptor

Neota Logic is named one of the key disruptors in the market, according to the recently released Legal and Regulatory Solutions 2016 Market Performance Report.  The report covers information and software providers that supply information and applications to all aspects of the legal industry. It identifies 2015 as the year that firms finally began to adopt artificial intelligence as a means to add value to their legal services. High profile examples of firms beginning to use AI in 2015 include; DLA Piper partnering with Kira Systems, and Linklaters working with RAVN. The report suggests that this type of “mainstream adoption of AI paves the way for the technology to be applied to other areas such as alternative dispute resolution, corporate legal spend control, and case management software.”

Neota Logic allows firms to turn their existing knowledge and expertise into powerful and easy to use online applications, or to automatically incorporate their knowledge and expertise into other processes and workflows. Neota Logic provides firms that are looking to productize or automate their legal services with the “building blocks” to build applications without coding, and to seamlessly integrate their knowledge and expertise with existing systems and platforms, including other AI tools.

While the report expects relatively flat growth for the market in 2016, it suggests that rapid change may come from the key disruptors it identifies, including Neota Logic.


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