Neota Releases Azure OpenAI Building Block

Neota Releases Azure OpenAI Building Block
Neota Releases Azure OpenAI Building Block
Empowering Businesses to Deliver Practical and Reliable GenAI Solutions for Process Automation

New York, NY – May 16, 2024: Neota is proud to announce the availability of its Azure OpenAI Building Block, a powerful enhancement to its market-leading no-code automation platform. This new Building Block is designed to enable easy integration of Generative AI capabilities directly into business workflows. This new capability represents a practical and controllable opportunity for companies to harness AI technology while creating predictability and comfort around its outputs and involvement in business decision making. 

The Azure OpenAI Building Block enhances Neota’s robust automation platform and adds new power and speed to Neota customer efforts toward digital transformation, efficiency, compliance and competitive advantage. It is built for the Neota and Microsoft ecosystems, resulting in a scalable and simplified approach to business process automation and AI adoption. These enhancements not only expand Neota’s already comprehensive suite of existing automation capabilities, but also prepare enterprises to meet novel challenges and growth opportunities with confidence. 

 “Engaging with Neota isn’t just about accessing technology; it’s about partnering in innovation,” said Julian Uebergang, Neota CEO. “The Neota team is equipped to guide our clients through the initial stages of AI implementation, helping to identify use cases, streamline integration efforts, supply reusable and easily implementable workflow components like the Azure OpenAI Building Block, and ensure that each step aligns with both immediate operational needs and long-term strategic goals.” 

The interactions enabled by the Azure OpenAI Building Block now merge rules-based logic with AI analysis, enhancing Neota’s capability to unlock and manage even more complex tasks. The integration allows for intricate actions such as detecting and extracting specific textual features from documents, language translations, identifying risks from various data sources including user responses, and applying bespoke business playbooks to recommend or automatically execute strategic actions. The Building Block also enhances communication by drafting nuanced, context-aware messages that overcome the limitations of standard rules-based text automation.  

Neota’s Azure OpenAI Building Block, leveraging Microsoft’s secure AI Assistant and API infrastructure, adheres to the highest standards of security, reflected in Neota’s ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification and enterprise-grade protections, supporting compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and other critical privacy regulations for reliable deployment in any business environment or regulated industry. 

To learn more about Neota acting as a workflow wrapper for AI Assistants in these ways, read our recent article. 

About Neota: Neota is a leading no-code platform that enables businesses to build powerful, AI-enhanced digital solutions rapidly. With Neota’s visual, enterprise-grade platform, users can automate complex workflows, documents, and decision-making processes, seamlessly integrating with existing business technologies under a single subscription. For more information, visit 

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