Neota’s Greg Wildisen Featured in New Law Journal

Neota’s Greg Wildisen Featured in New Law Journal

Via: New Law Journal; by: Greg Wildisen

Practising On Auto-Pilot.  Did Susskind get it right?  Not quite, as Greg Wildisen explains.

Click here to download Greg’s full article in New Law Journal.

The main thrust of Richard Susskind’s latest blockbuster (co-authored with his son Daniel) is that we are on the brink of fundamental and irreversible change in the way that professionals make their expertise available to society (The Future of the Professions: How Technology will Transform the Work of Human Experts, Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind). Naturally such a contention makes this book compelling reading for anyone interested in understanding how this change will likely affect their own profession or industry. Most of us will have a copy of the book, which is organised into three parts: change; theory; and implications. But what have we learnt from it?



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