New web app connects “Immigration Ban” travelers with volunteer lawyers

Airport Lawyer
New web app connects “Immigration Ban” travelers with volunteer lawyers

Seattle, Washington – February 7, 2017. A group of volunteer attorneys and software developers worked over the weekend to create a new app to help travelers impacted by the Trump Administration’s “immigration ban.” Airport Lawyer ( connects travelers, who possess valid U.S. visas and green cards from the seven previously banned countries, with teams of volunteer attorneys.

Through an Executive Order, the Trump Administration halted immigration from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. The ban has been temporarily stayed by a federal court, but could be imposed again if the court order is overturned on appeal.

Using Airport Lawyer, a community member can input information about herself, or a friend or family member traveling into the United States. That information is then shared securely with localized teams of volunteer lawyers, who can be available at the airport to monitor the arrival.

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“The volunteer lawyers are at the airport to help affected communities deal with the difficulties created by the Executive Order,” says volunteer attorney, Takao Yamada. “They work with concerned families to get updates and connect them with resources to help them navigate the process.”

Says project lead, immigration attorney Greg McLawsen,

the situation could change immediately if the Ninth Circuit allows the immigration ban to be reimposed. But either way, volunteer lawyers will be monitoring the situation to ensure travelers are treated fairly.

Airport Lawyer was conceived following a conversation between Greg McLawsen, founder of law firm Sound Immigration, Joshua Lenon, the lawyer in residence at Clio, and Ryan McClead, VP, Client Engagement & Strategy at Neota Logic. Each had been researching ways to contribute to the volunteer efforts of lawyers protecting international travelers. For example, Clio, a cloud-based practice management software for law firms, has already been donating access to its suite of legal software to volunteer lawyers for free.

“Clio received several requests for a secure intake form to organize points of contact with each group of volunteers at airports,” Joshua Lenon said. “I knew Neota Logic was the right legal technology to help. Ryan and his team jumped at the chance to build this missing communication tool between travelers and lawyers waiting to aid them.”

The Airport Lawyer tool is driven by technology donated by Neota Logic, a platform that makes it possible to build powerful expert systems and web-based applications very quickly.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this project and to lend our technology and expertise to support Airport Lawyer and volunteer lawyers across the country,” said Ryan McClead.

Airport Lawyer is currently live for Baltimore/Washington International Airport, Denver International Airport,  Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport.  The group behind the project plans to rollout coverage at all major U.S. international airports.

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