New Workbench Part 1 of 5: One-Button Interface

New Workbench Part 1 of 5: One-Button Interface
New Workbench Part 1 of 5: One-Button Interface

In a recent blog post, we introduced the new Workbench , a re-imagining of our Workbench interface that helps clients streamline and more efficiently develop and deploy Neota Logic apps.

We also promised to do a series of posts that offer a deeper dive into several key elements of our new Workbench. This post is the first of that series, covering the one-button interface.

The one-button interface is a new method of performing many common tasks across the Workbench. Instead of clicking different interface elements, you can now click one common button to:

  • Start or import a new app
  • Add a tag for app
  • Invite a new user
  • Build a group of users
  • Create a custom user role
  • Add a new database or database table

You can find this functionality in the following places:

  • Applications list
  • Tags page
  • User and Group management pages
  • Databases pages

To get started, go to the bottom-right corner of the page and click the + icon:

Check out the video below to learn more about the one-button interface:

Stay tuned for the next blog post in this series, discussing the ability to share apps with your colleagues.


With our new Workbench, the only artificial intelligence-driven platform for expertise automation just became easier to use. Contact us to learn more about how Neota Logic can help automate your organization. Request a demo here or email


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