New Workbench Part 3 of 5: Inviting Users

New Workbench Part 3 of 5: Inviting Users
New Workbench Part 3 of 5: Inviting Users

This post is the third part of our series about the new Workbench, a re-imagining of our Workbench interface that helps clients streamline and more efficiently develop and deploy Neota Logic apps.

In this post, we will discuss the feature of inviting users to your Workbench.

To sign up a new user to your Workbench, you can invite them to create a new account. Neota Logic then sends out a customizable notification to the user with a link to create a username and password, and sign into the Workbench.

With our new Workbench, we have made several key improvements to the interface for inviting users:

  • Assign a user to one or more roles, instead of individual rights like “Access Workbench” or “Create Application.” This feature allows for more control over user permissions.
  • Use type-ahead fields when adding a user to a group, role or application, instead of manually selecting those options from a long list.
  • We have streamlined the user onboarding process by removing the option to automatically add a user, and we now include a link to our information collection and privacy policy, in order to make our software fully GDPR compliant.

To get started, click the Gears icon on the top right of your Workbench to go to the Settings page:

Then click the Users icon on the left navigation pane:


From the Users page, click the one-button interface in the bottom right corner of your screen:

Neota Logic will then prompt you to complete a series of fields to invite a new user to your Workbench:

Check out the video below to learn more about inviting users:

Stay tuned for the next blog post in this series, discussing how to create restore points for rolling back changes while developing applications.

With our new Workbench, the only artificial intelligence-driven platform for expertise automation just became easier to use. Contact us to learn more about how Neota Logic can help automate your organization. Request a demo here or email


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