New Workbench Part 4 of 5: Creating Restore Points

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New Workbench Part 4 of 5: Creating Restore Points

This post is the fourth part of our series about the new Workbench, a re-imagining of our Workbench interface that helps clients streamline and more efficiently develop and deploy Neota Logic apps.

In this post, we will discuss the feature of creating restore points.

When you are building in Neota Logic, you may want the option to roll back to a previous state in your app. If you want to back up your app before experimenting with changes, Restore Points are a quick way to save a version of that app. It’s also possible you tried to implement a new feature that does not quite fit the app you’re designing, or the needs of your business have changed since you started building.

With our new Workbench, you can create a Restore Point, assign a name and description, then roll back the app to that Restore Point whenever required. The name and description help you identify the state of your app at that given time, so that you can quickly select the Restore Point you need.

To create a Restore Point in the new Workbench, click an Application name from the Applications list:

Then click the Restore Points icon on the left navigation pane:


From the Restore Points page, click the one-button interface to create a Restore Point with a name and description:

You can also click the Roll Back icon on the Restore Points page, to restore the app to that particular Restore Point:

Keep in mind that even if you don’t create a named Restore Point, Neota Logic will automatically create a Restore Point, just without a name or description, every time you save the application.

Check out the video below to learn more about creating restore points:



Stay tuned for the final blog post in this series, discussing how to save a version of your application for publication, without the need to save multiple copies.

With our new Workbench, the only artificial intelligence-driven platform for expertise automation just became easier to use. Contact us to learn more about how Neota Logic can help automate your organization. Request a demo here or email

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