NLS 10.6 release

NLS 10.6 release
NLS 10.6 release

We are delighted to announce the release of NLSv10.6.0.

We believe strongly in our mission to scale expertise through digital workflow solutions, and are excited to launch a number of new platform features which enable our customers to quickly build and deploy new products.

Neota Logic provides the ability to scale access to expertise through automation solutions using its no-code platform, making easier, faster and less expensive than ever to engage your stakeholders.

NLSv10.6.0 includes a range of features, created as a result of your feedback, which enhance our Canvas, Workflow and Microsoft Word Add-In products. We have also commenced phase 1 of our roll out of Runtime 2.0, allowing clients to have full design control over the end user experience of an application.



Neota Logic’s Workflow product enables Neota authors to manage complex tasks and processes which span multiple teams, parties and time periods.  Utilizing a standards-based approach aligned to the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) framework, Workflow allows authors to link multiple processes together to create an end-to-end solution to solve your business problems.

With NLSv10.6.0 we have completed our transition from our legacy technology. Authors can now quickly and easily develop complex Workflows with our intuitive drag and drop interface. We have also enhanced the email construction functionality to support streamlined interaction with third parties.

our next release adds greater flexibility regarding the types of interactions multiple teams and parties can have, incorporating parallel Workflow pathways to be traversed in addition to the current “one-or-the-other” approach. This affords greater flexibility when managing the sequence of interactions with third parties.



Neota Logic’s expertise automation capabilities enable users to create intelligent web-based applications that replicate the advice a subject matter expert would provide, in person or over the phone. These applications guide users through a digital interview that gathers facts, applies reasoning to the information collected and produces custom, contextually appropriate outputs.

Canvas is our easy to use, intuitive expertise automation product that allows clients to:

  • Replicate the white-boarding or design process and, in-turn, enable runnable applications to be created incorporating questions, logic, and outputs
  • Easily design application logic with a view to importing it into our Studio authoring environment, which supports more complex logic and additional integration with third party products
  • Create Workflow participant applications

NLS v10.6.0 brings several improvements to Canvas, including improvement in adding conditional logic in text blocks, enhanced email construction and the ability to create more complex formulas.

Our next release will enable seamless interaction with template documents marked up via our Microsoft Word Add-In. This will then support rapid construction of document automation Workflows.



The Neota Logic platform empowers authors to craft functional business application applications to delight end users with a beautiful user interface. In NLSv10.6.0 we have deployed the first of 3 phases that will support application designers to manage the look and feel through a brand new runtime configuration manager. This first phase supports users in managing proprietary fonts and assets in line with their corporate style guide.

We are very much looking forward to phases 2 and 3 to be deployed later this year.  These phases will support the creation of templates that incorporate assets, fonts, as well as standard component elements that can leveraged in Canvas, Studio and Workflow to streamline the design of runtime interfaces.

NLSv10.6.0 also includes a number of new building blocks, including one that leverages our ‘Open Negotiation’ feature to enable red-line negotiation to be undertaken as part of a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Workflow. We have also deployed a building block that streamlines the use of our SharePoint connector which is now live on the Microsoft AppSource store.

We look forward to your feedback on this new release as we continue our commitment to providing the leading no-code platform for the intelligent automation of expertise, processes and documents.

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