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We all know the theory of agile project development. Break the project down into manageable chunks. Get a working prototype out quickly. Make continuous improvements based on how the users react rather than what committees write on Post-it notes.

But in the legal world, putting agile into practice is not always easy. Lawyers are understandably wary of pushing out incomplete products, even as a starting point for iterative development. All their professional training is about managing risk and thinking of contingencies – dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s. By the time they have had their input, what should have been the prototype of a minimum viable product may look very much like a final product, with all the bells and whistles.

Which is bad news if the product turns out to be addressing the wrong problem, or the right problem in the wrong way.

This is just one of the factors behind the legal sector’s struggle to keep up with most others in digital-based innovation. Bluntly, while legal departments have plenty of bright ideas, few have a clear system for building prototypes.

This is where Neota’s new rapid app building tool comes in! Canvas can help to build prototypes in a matter of minutes and hours, rather than days. But just because this stage has become quick and intuitive doesn’t mean we should skimp on the overall process. Rather, we would do better to take advantage of the technology to put more of the right kind of thinking into the preliminary design process. That means getting the right people together, – and ensuring they start from the right point. Learn how to put this methodology in action by watching our on-demand webinar:

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