On Demand Webinar: Lawyers Shouldn’t Code. They Should No-Code

The question that is on everyone’s minds at the moment is ‘Should lawyers learn to code?’
At Neota we don’t believe lawyers should code, we believe they should no-code.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about our no-code rapid app prototyping tool, Canvas. It’s designed for subject matter experts to be able to prototype their own application in minutes. It’s also fully integrable with Neota Logic Studio to add those advanced functionalities.

Watch now!

What is Canvas?
Canvas is a web-based product that enables subject matter experts to quickly and effectively turn their expertise into runnable applications. Canvas incorporates the legal engineering or processing mapping steps an expert would typically undertake when mapping out the logic of an application. It replaces third party processing mapping tools, to significantly streamline the way clients can turn ideas into runnable products. Canvas requires no training and is a logical, intuitive product that allows users to ask questions, apply formulas and rules, and generate output reports or send emails to third parties. Unique to Neota Logic, Canvas apps can be quickly extended in Studio, Neota’s advanced application builder. This means users can benefit from the full range of Neota Logic capabilities to enable complex reasoning and integration with third party services.

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