On Demand Webinar: Webinar: Winds of change: Why barriers to legal transformation are falling away (for good?)

Legal service transformation efforts have accelerated in 2020 despite (and in some cases, because of) the impacts of the global pandemic on corporate legal departments, law firms, and their clients. Lawyers and legal operations professionals are being backed or pushed by leadership to deliver on longstanding but now critical transformation agendas, and it’s fair to say that expectations around timelines have crunched our community and made for a gruelling few months.

How do you deliver transformation outcomes in this environment, with any reliability? What are the specific strategies you can employ around a corporate legal department or law firm to improve your chances of success? Which of these transformation efforts in 2020 are going to stick and permanently change how we work as lawyers and legal teams, and which will unwind to their 2019 “normal”?

In this on demand webinar, Neota Logic is joined by Madeline Oldfield and Tuna Kutsal to explore these very questions. Madeline is a Transformation Delivery Specialist in the legal & financial services space, and Tuna is the global consulting and delivery lead for automation at Herbert Smith Freehills.

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