Use case: Onboarding processes

Quickly and easily automate supplier, employee, contractor onboarding

Supplier and employee onboarding automation with Neota means enhancing efficiency while reducing risk for procurement, HR, legal, and other operations functions.


Automated onboarding ensures consistency in processes regardless of where someone is physically located and how many people need to be involved in the process.


Onboarding for suppliers and employees (or anyone) can be as simple or complex as your business requires. Simply drag-and-drop to add information required, add or remove approval stages, and more.


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Shorten the time to onboard

Remove manual steps and bottlenecks to shorten the time to start a new employee or vendor

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Enhance accuracy and compliance

Ensure data and information is accurately captured and safely stored

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Tailor each onboarding process as needed

Fully customizable process that can use logic to adapt workflows as needed based on data, location, and more

The Challenge


Whether bringing on new hires, new suppliers, or temporary workers ensuring proper processes and policies are being followed is critical for any business.

But onboarding can be a process and data nightmare given the volume of information often needed, approval processes involved, potential language and regulatory challenges. These processes can get held up, data can be lost, approvals not tracked and the risk to the business without proper processes can be huge.

Use case: Onboarding processes

The Solution


Automating supplier and employee onboarding processes offers significant value by streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and improving overall organization performance and user satisfaction.

Put the power in the hands of the end user by allowing them to easily and securely provide the information the business requires. Streamline the approval and verification processes, even across departments and countries, in a trackable and efficient way.

Easily adjust workflows and data requirements as the business demands or laws require.

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Key features

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Design your processes exactly how you want

Use custom logic and integrate human oversight where necessary ensuring even sensitive information is handled properly

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Easily update and maintain your workflows

Need to change a policy? Have a unique instance in a specific region? No problem, just edit the steps in our no-code software

Features_PA – Tracking

Centralized data and tracking

Reduce manual data entry, errors, and use real-time data to spot bottlenecks in the process

Features_PA – Flexibility

Connect systems with custom integrations

Integrate with your CRM, HR and payroll systems, databases and more.

Features_DA – Integrations

Design and brand ownership

Customize your onboarding portal with your own branding and visual identity to ensure a common experience across corporate platforms.

Features_DA – Process Automation

Integrate with additional workflows

Onboarding processes often trigger other required steps and processes. Easily connect those workflows for efficiency


How do Neota onboarding solutions help?

Enhance accuracy and reduce human error

Manage your onboarding processes in one place

Deliver a smooth and consistent onboarding experience 

Quickly update approvals and routing as needed

Monitor process progress and leverage data insights


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