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Collaborating to develop seamless solutions for you

Neota has an ever-growing community of partners to help craft the most effective custom solutions for you. We work with strategic partners to empower clients not only with the Neota platform, but other solutions-oriented organizations dedicated to your success

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Reseller and implementation partners

Our reseller and implementation partners help you get more out of your Neota solutions. They help build solutions, enhance or maintain existing solutions, and integrate with other technologies and services along with much more. We ultimately want Neota to serve as an open door to your comprehensive digital transformation

Our Resellers

Transform Data International

Transform Data creates context based systems on the principle of “Business First, User First”. Transform Data’s solutions ensure the optimal use of information with a specific focus on professional and financial services organizations, law firms, and legal departments. Transform Data supports organizations to automate and optimize their employees’ total productivity by combining documents, logic, tasks, workflows, external data, and reports into a relevant context.


Talan is a consulting firm specialized in technological innovation and transformation. For more than 15 years, Talan has been advising, supporting and implementing transformation projects for companies and administrations. Present in five continents, the group plans to achieve a turnover of 400 million euros in 2021 for more than 4,000 consultants and aims to exceed the threshold of one billion euros in turnover by 2024. The group places innovation at the heart of its development and intervenes in areas related to technological changes in large groups, such as Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Karta Legal

Karta Legal's is a legal operations and law firm management consulting firm. They partner with vetted and carefully curated legal technology vendors to help law firms and legal departments innovate, not only by acquiring new technology but also by training their teams and fixing inefficient processes. Their goal is change management through design thinking and process improvement using Lean Six Sigma and Agile LPM techniques.

Sophus Consulting

Sophus Consulting provides information technology and management consulting services to state and local government justice, law enforcement and corporate law firms.

iKnow LLC

iKnow is a business-to-business (B2B) professional services firm with a core focus in Knowledge Management (KM). iKnow’s portfolio of services includes management consulting, technology consulting, and systems implementation. iKnow helps businesses, governments, and non-profits unlock the value of their expertise knowledge.

Revamp Law

Revamp Law offers unmatched legal technology development and implementation services to clients, helping them save time and money by embedding process improvements and innovation throughout the legal function. Their team of lawyers, software developers, process improvement and legal operations experts, work with the top legal departments around the Latin-American region and Spain.

The Unicorn Business

The Unicorn Business are process transformation experts dedicated to bringing law firm operations into the 21st Century.

Why become a Neota Logic partner?

  • Differentiate your services
  • Expand your offering
  • Earn margins on new sales
  • Gain access to tools and resources

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