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Our comprehensive platform offers a suite of features designed to automate workflows, harness expertise, and streamline document management. Empowering users at every skill level, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools for application development.

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End-to-end workflow automation

Highly customizable workflows: Create logic based pathways that automate your processes and deliver exactly what you need, ensuring efficiency and precision in every task.

Concurrent workflow paths: Design and manage workflows with multiple pathways operating simultaneously for increased efficiency.

Emails and reminders: Automate email notifications and reminders to keep your team and clients informed and on track.

Delays and timers: Control the pacing of tasks and actions for timely execution, with support for workflows that operate over extended periods.

Customized contracts

Conditional clauses: Insert content based on specific criteria and logic to ensure contracts always reflect the correct terms.

Data insertion: Automate the insertion of data points extracted from your own databases into documents, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

Familiar interface: Mark up your document in Microsoft Word and leverage its full capabilities.

References: Support for complex referencing that automatically updates when the document is modified.

Functional and familiar

Document lifecycle management

Full contract lifecycle support: Manage every phase of the contract lifecycle, from drafting to signing.

Negotiation: Facilitate smooth contract negotiations with negotiation however you define it – anything from collaborative editing, to fallback clauses and locked down sections.

Ingesting documents: Import, analyze and digitize documents to integrate them into your workflows and data management systems.

Document lifecycle management

Advanced logic capabilities

Complex logic support: Leverage deep logic tools for complex problem-solving, enabling sophisticated reasoning across data sets.

Formulas: Use advanced formulas to perform complex calculations and data manipulations within your solutions.

Excel integration: Harness the full power of Microsoft Excel within your applications for advanced calculations and data analysis.

Scale expertise

Full integration support

Pre-built building blocks: Plug and play with prebuilt integrations for quick and seamless connectivity.

REST API support: Integrate with any modern third-party service using our comprehensive support for REST APIs.

Reusable components: Create custom, reusable integrations to streamline your workload and maintain consistency across multiple applications.

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Platform Page – Integrations

Data management and analysis

Automated database creation and management: Easily manage data with the configuration and maintenance of the database all automated.

Multi-level data structures: Support for complex data structures, enabling the management of intricate hierarchies and relationships.

Dashboards, reporting, and analytics: Track and manage data in real time to drive informed decision-making.

Designer themes

Effortless design customization: Use simple drag-and-drop functionality and pre-designed components for quick, stunning theme creation without technical complexity.

Creative freedom: Design independently from logic, allowing you to unleash your creativity and refine your work with precise, pixel-level control.

Consistent brand integrity: Leverage our design system for high-quality, brand-consistent designs, with centralized control for seamless updates and compliance.

Development and deployment

Audit history and versioning: Keep track of changes with a detailed audit history and maintain immutable versions of your solutions for reliable future reference and compliance.

Permissions: Set and manage highly customizable permissions to control access and ensure security.

Development environments: Leverage multiple environments tailored for testing and production needs.

Security and deployment options: Ensure protection for your data and applications with ISO-certified security measures in the environment of your choice. Learn more here.

Platform Page – Deploy Securely

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