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Build powerful web applications

Create without limits

Dive into the world of no-code application development with us. Whether you’re crafting from scratch or using our templates, our platform enables you to create web applications effortlessly. You have the freedom to ask anything, apply any rule, generate any document, analyze any data, calculate any output, and store and send data anywhere.

Innovative and User-Friendly

Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you focus on innovation, not coding. Designed for both newcomers and seasoned professionals, our platform is versatile enough to meet any business requirement.

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Build Your Way

Get started yourself with our online training through Neota University, and use our pre-built building blocks to quickly bring your ideas to life.

Alternatively, use our managed service option for expert-led development tailored to your needs. Our adaptable platform and team are committed to meeting your specific requirements.

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Connect your processes with unmatched flexibility

Automate your workflow

Digitalize your business processes by connecting web applications for comprehensive, end-to-end automation. Whether it’s simplifying client onboarding, managing contracts, or automating compliance checks, our platform molds to your unique business needs, driving operational excellence and innovation.

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Eradicate silos with integrations

Enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline your operations by integrating with third-party platforms. Our platform enables you to connect to any service with a REST API, enriching your solutions with external data and capabilities. Simplify your digital transformation and enhance user experiences by integrating familiar systems into a unified, streamlined operation.

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Launch with style and confidence

Custom, consistent, and captivating design

Create solutions that are as visually engaging as they are powerful. Our design-system based software supports both brand-aligned and bespoke designs and ensures consistency and scalability to enhance your brand presence.

Deploy securely

Launch applications with confidence, whether internal or customer-facing, on our enterprise-grade platform. We offer secure, scalable deployments with ISO27001-backed software, and controls for compliance with GDPR and data sovereignty standards.­ Hosting is available via Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

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Continual optimization

Embrace the power of our versioning and analytics tools to continually iterate and refine your solutions, aligning them with user needs and enhancing satisfaction.

Build, connect and launch your solution with Neota