Data Management

Analytics and insights

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Analyze effectiveness

Analyzing data captured or derived from a process, document or knowledge automation solution is essential to continuous improvement and demonstrating value. Tracking the user data can help refine the experience and ensure delivery of ROI.

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Data management simplified

Organizations typically find connecting a database to a solution, including setup and ongoing maintenance, is a complex process that requires a specialized skill set. Neota’s built-in data management capabilities automate the creation of database structures to support any built solution. We support Postgres or Microsoft SQL Server databases allowing organizations to control where data is located and how it is secured.


Data management
Database support

Support for Postgres and Microsoft SQL Servers

Data management (1)
Platform integration

Supports all our platform components: Canvas, Workflow, Studio, and the Word Add-in to streamline data storage across all areas of the platform

Data management (2)
Data strategy

Enable data to be leveraged via third party products and services that are compliant with your organization's data strategy

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