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Streamline your contracting processes

The manual creation and handling of documents is often labor-intensive and can significantly slow down critical approval and execution processes. Allow Neota’s document automation capabilities to increase efficiencies and control by leveraging existing legal precedents.

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Functional and familiar

Neota’s Word Add-in enables organizations to effectively automate draft creation by marking up precedents. It enables the insertion of variable values, clauses, and schedules based on logic, ensuring all formatting is compliant with the original precedent. The Add-in is fully integrated into the Neota platform to support downstream negotiation, review, and approval processes via Neota Workflow.

Functional and familiar


Features_DA – Document ingestion
Document ingestion

Templates can be ingested into the platform via the Neota Microsoft Word Add-in. This enables users to easily ingest existing solutions

Features_DA – End-to-end negotiation
End-to-end negotiation

Integrated negotiation capabilities including redlining and departure tables

Features_DA – Integrations

Integrates with existing products including iManage, DocuSign, NetDocuments, SharePoint, CRM systems, and many more

Features_DA – Support multi-level data structures
Support multi-level data structures

For example, insurance policies covering properties owned by subsidiaries of companies

Features_DA – Native spreadsheets as calculation tools
Leverage spreadsheets

For example, to determine multi-jurisdiction pricing

Features_DA – Ease of maintenance
Ease of maintenance

When a situation arises where there is a need to amend a document, for example, a change in statutory law, Neota provides the tools for users to do this easily and quickly

Features_DA – End-to-end contract lifecycle solution
Full contract lifecycle support

Leverage Neota’s process and expertise automation capabilities to build end-to-end internal and customer-facing solutions that incorporate complex reasoning, impressive workflows, and present user data through Neota’s data and analytics capabilities, or third-party business intelligence tools

Features_DA – Process Automation
Process automation

Via Workflow supports downstream review, third- party negotiation, digital execution and DMS filing

Features_DA – Data and analytics
Data reporting and analytics

Via Neota Data Manager and off-the-shelf business intelligence tools, provides an overall picture of each document generated and its status

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