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Scale knowledge

With Neota’s knowledge automation capabilities, you can improve consistency in decision making and streamline the delivery of expertise to a wider audience than ever before.

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Scale expertise

Automated advice

Neota’s knowledge automation capabilities allow users to create intelligent web-based solutions that replicate the advice a subject matter expert would provide, in person or over the phone. The solutions guide users through a digital interview that gathers facts, reasons on the information collected and produces custom, bespoke solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Automated advice – Litigation risk assessment


Features_EA – Questions

Support for different question types, dynamic questions, validation

Features_EA – Logic-Rules

Create custom rules and logic that define your user pathways, outcomes and more

Features_EA – Formulas

Supports the construction of highly sophisticated calculations and reusable functions to support automated financial outputs

Features_EA – Document Generation
Generate a document

Automate the drafting of documents by populating variables and defining logic

Features_EA – Email and Message Generation
Generate messages and emails

Provide customized information to users via emails and messages

Features_EA – Runtime Preview
Runtime preview

Preview your solution as it is being constructed

Features_EA – Designer Themes
Designer themes

Choose from a selection of expertly crafted visual themes and apply them to your solution with one click

Features_EA – Multiple logic tools
Combine multiple logic tools

Utilize a variety of input data streams into one seamless process

Features_EA – Complex logic and risk-based solutions
Complex logic and risk-based solutions

Combine declarative and procedural forms of reasoning in the same solution

Features_EA – Reasoning across data sets
Reasoning across data sets

Apply reasoning across field sets of data or even nested field sets to support logic solutions across groups of data points

Features_EA – Spreadsheets

Allow existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to be uploaded to a Neota-built solution where a solution requires calculations that are best completed in Excel

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