Process Automation

Optimize manual processes

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Remove chaos and inefficiencies

Easily manage manual tasks such as review and approval across a variety of stakeholders including individuals, teams, divisions, and parties. Ensure the right information is provided at each step of the way to accelerate productivity and eliminate errors.

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With Neota Workflow you can easily map processes by dragging and dropping each step, such as Tasks, Gateways and Emails, to quickly automate a manual process. Workflow enables you to visualize the process and present to key stakeholders for validation before publishing. Take advantage of embedded data storage to report on productivity and trends to allow inefficiencies to be identified and streamlined.


Features_PA – Logic-Rules

Support for different Workflow paths. Do task A if X, otherwise do task B. Send the next uncompleted Person X when Y is true. Go to task C when tasks A and B are complete

Features_PA – Flexibility

Because Workflow processes are composed of solutions built within the uniquely powerful Neota platform, they can be as simple or as complex as the business problem requires, and can adapt in real-time to changes in facts and circumstances

Features_PA – Reminders

Send tailored reminders to the assigned people when tasks have not been started or completed on time

Features_PA – Multi-party ineraction
Multi-party interaction

Move work such as review and negotiation back and forth across parties and business units

Features_PA -Actions

Resume a process, cancel a step, query an external database, reassign a task

Features_PA – Tracking

Progress, status, and all data elements are automatically updated as the process runs

Features_PA – Audit history
Audit history

Automatic recording of changes to data elements

Features_PA – Visual construction
Visual construction

Business users with no technical training can draw and document business processes, which are then completed and activated using Neota’s no-Code tools: Canvas and Studio

Features_PA – Case manager
Case manager

View and track progress of sessions, move processes along, and gather statistics on outcomes, efficiency, and cycle times

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