Use case: Risk assessment automation

Deliver risk evaluation with greater speed and confidence


Ensuring accurate and quick risk assessment is fundamental whether for a contract or a new supplier, insurance policies or Anti-Money Laundering compliance.


With Neota, risk assessment solutions are tailored to streamline consistent evaluation of risk factors, provide audit trails, and ultimately empower teams to deliver rapid data-driven decisions.


Custom logic can be as complex or simple as a process requires, tailored to different types of assessments, and allows for quick and easy adjustment to risk appetites.

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Rapidly evaluate risk factors

Ingest documents or third-party data and quickly assess factors

Features_EA – Complex logic and risk-based solutions

Deliver risk reports with greater confidence

Pool your internal expertise into one digital solution and ensure you don’t miss anything

Features_EA – Formulas

Tailor risk weightings to suit your exact requirements

Fully customizable risk ratings and human-in-the-loop processes for complete control

The Challenge


Risk assessment processes are often time-consuming. The need to deliver decisions quickly often conflicts with the need to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Only having risk factors assessed by a small number of experts can mean some risks are overlooked, and others may be given too high a weighting in the overall evaluation.

However, off-the-shelf risk assessment solutions with low flexibility and lack of integration with wider workflows, can often result in minimal, or even negative, value.

Use case: Risk assessment automation

The Solution


Neota risk assessment solutions capture data, drive risk weightings, and deliver comprehensive risk reports. 

Users are asked simple questions, and contracts and other data can be uploaded, or automatically ingested from third-party systems to rapidly automate the fact-gathering and risk assessment processes.

Scale the whole team’s expertise by pooling knowledge into one automated tool, enabling you to deliver results with greater confidence and at speed.

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Key features

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Custom logic

Give precise weightings to different risk factors, as well as their interactions

Features_DA – Support multi-level data structures copy

Auditable rules-based automation

All risk assessments follow exact rules and provide audit trails - no black boxes

Features_PA – Tracking

Real-time insights

Track where evaluations are, the broader workflow, and any bottlenecks

Features_PA – Flexibility

Scalable and flexible solutions

Easily update and expand assessments as risk appetites and conditions change

Features_DA – Integrations

Connect with external systems

Automatically pull in facts, send out risk reports, all to whichever system you need it in

Features_DA – Process Automation

Integrate fully with wider workflows

Assessments aren’t siloed processes – automate fact gathering and report distribution with ease


How do Neota risk assessment solutions help?

Speed up deal cycles and processes

Scale expert service delivery

Accurate and consistent intelligence 

Reduce human error

Monitor processes with ease


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