Corporate Transformation Leads

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Accelerate digital transformation across your organization

Corporate Transformation leads are tasked with boosting efficiencies and increasing productivity across your organization by fueling digital innovation. We power the world’s most innovative corporations, transforming their service delivery through no-code automation and empowering you to create new digital service models for their business.

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Increase productivity

Build self-service tools for the business and free legal teams from doing repetitive, low-value work and focus on where they can truly add value

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Increase efficiency

Rapidly deploy solutions to the business and no longer be seen as a bottleneck to deals progressing whilst ensuring compliance for all legal requests

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Increase accuracy

Ensure the business receives accurate and consistent legal advice

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Ensure compliance

Help businesses to remain compliant with expert legal advice at their fingertips

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Greater insight

Solution data will give the business greater insight into process improvements and where their team should focus their efforts

Hear from the best

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GE Healthcare
Alice Collins
Andrew Hawkes – Customer testimonial
"Neota has enabled us to design and build business critical applications that underpin our legal strategy. This includes codifying the assessment of risk in new deals and automation of documents such as NDAs and ICAs. The ability to undertake development in-house with the support of the Neota team gives us the flexible and speed we require to be able to meet our objectives."
Alice Collins, Legal & Commercial Head of Data and Innovation at Fujitsu
"Neota has enabled us to build our industrial ergonomic applications much faster and we've utilized our existing non-technical workforce to build out the solutions"
Andy Hawkes, CEO at Cardinus Risk Management

Create enterprise-wide solutions in one platform

We provide you with all the tools and training you need to build, implement and manage an unlimited number of bespoke solutions, without writing a single line of code. Start building from scratch or make use of a number of pre-configured solutions.

Build any application that includes process, knowledge and document automation

Process automation
Process automation

Transform chaotic and inefficient processes by dragging and dropping elements such as tasks and emails to manage interactions between different parties. Examples include matter management, outside counsel selection, IT security review, and many more.

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Expertise automation
Knowledge automation

Improve consistency in decision making and streamline the delivery of knowledge to a wider audience than ever before. By creating intelligent web-based solutions you can replicate the advice a subject matter expert would provide, in person or over the phone. Examples include weighted risk assessment, AML risk assessments, data breach advisors.

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Document automation
Document automation

Supercharge your contracting processes. Through the power of the platform, you can create a beautiful user experience, apply logic to capture the information needed to populate and generate bespoke documents for your clients and/or business and automate negotiation and executions steps to deliver significant value for legal teams. Examples include procurement policies automation.

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