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Neota empowers Legal Operations professionals to do more with less

You’re charged with optimizing service delivery and creating efficiency of interaction within the legal function by leveraging data and insights to determine business value for the legal team. Neota is the one platform that allows you to do all of that and more.

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Increase productivity

Build self-service tools for businesses and free the legal team from doing repetitive, low-value work, allowing them to focus on where they can truly add value

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Increase efficiency

Rapidly deploy solutions to the business and no longer be seen as a bottleneck to deals progressing whilst ensuring compliance for all legal requests

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Increase accuracy

Ensure the business receives accurate and consistent legal advice

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Ensure compliance

Help businesses remain compliant with expert legal advice at their fingertips

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Greater insight

Solution data will give greater insight into process improvements and where teams should focus their efforts

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Ben Shillito – Customer testimonial
"It took us 2 weeks to build the prototype of our first app using Neota's no-code platform"
Ben Shillito, Legal Director, Head of Digital Services at Fujitsu

One platform. Endless possibilities

Neota was created by lawyers for the legal profession. Build a suite of solutions that automate knowledge, processes, and documents, all within one platform that integrates with a number of existing technologies. Configure solutions to automatically capture all data and interactions and then leverage this data as part of a broader analytics strategy.

Build any solution that requires process, knowledge or document automation

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Process automation

Manage tasks and complex processes that span teams, parties and time periods. Using a standards-based approach aligned to the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) framework, Workflow allows multiple processes to be linked together to create an end-to-end solution to solve your business problems. Examples include playbook automation, outside counsel guidelines, legal service requests, and contract lifecycle management.

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Knowledge automation

Create intelligent web-based solutions that guide users through a digital interview, gathers facts, applies reasoning to the information collected and produces customized, contextually appropriate outputs. Examples include legislative compliance tools, risk assessment solutions and matter guidance and advice.

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Document automation

Through the power of the platform, you can create a beautiful user experience, apply logic to capture the information needed to populate and generate bespoke documents for your clients and/or business and automate negotiation and executions steps to deliver significant value for legal teams. Examples include services agreements, facilities agreements and procurement workflow solutions.

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