Safety and Risk Specialists, Cardinus, release ergonomic assessment tool built in Neota Logic

Safety and Risk Specialists, Cardinus, release ergonomic assessment tool built in Neota Logic
Safety and Risk Specialists, Cardinus, release ergonomic assessment tool built in Neota Logic

Neota Logic, creators of the world’s leading no-code automation platform, announced today that leading health, safety and risk management specialists, Cardinus, has launched an advanced ergonomic assessment tool, Healthy Working Pro.

Neota is a no-code automation platform, providing professionals with a wide range of easy-to-use tools to rapidly build applications that automate any aspect of their services.

Healthy Working Pro includes 20 well known academically verified algorithms and ergonomic measurement tools and will be used by expert ergonomists and physios to provide recommendations to mitigate the pain and discomfort for the assessed individual and job functions.

Cardinus also plans to release a suite of risk and compliance-based applications built in Neota Logic.

Andy Hawkes, CEO of Cardinus Risk Management stated, ‘The Neota platform has enabled us to build our industrial ergonomic application much faster than utilising our existing code additionally, we have been able to utilize our existing non-technical workforce to build out the applications.’

Jon Abbott, Global head of Ergonomics added, ‘We will be launching our Healthy Working Pro app more rapidly than we had planned and with far more advanced functionality. Our internal IT team have been able to focus on other core solutions as well as the API integration of the Neota built app with our core software.

Hawkes added, ‘We expect to become a significant player in the industrial ergo space thanks to Neota Logic and have already secured partnerships with one of the largest US physio and ergonomics consultancies and a major global insurance broker’

Kim Massana, CEO at Neota Logic, commented, ‘We are starting to see a lot of interest in the risk and compliance space. It has been great working with Cardinus as they pioneer no-code technology in this market and free up their valuable resources by productising their knowledge’.

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