PolicySmart: Changing the Way Companies Create and Maintain Compliant Handbooks


Your company’s employee handbook is an invaluable tool that helps shape company culture, communicates operational policies, and minimizes the risk of employment-related legal liability. A well-written and legally compliant handbook is essential to keeping the HR process running smoothly, and most employers would agree that keeping up with federal, state, and local employment laws can seem overwhelming.

PolicySmart is an intuitive handbook compliance tool that provides employers with national and state specific templates, a unique compliance timeline, and so much more.    

Fueled by the subject matter expertise of Littler, the world’s largest employment law firm and built on Neota’s no-code automation platform, PolicySmart allows users to easily create and maintain legally compliant handbooks that are cost effective, up-to-date, and delivered on-demand.


  • Use Federal and State Compliant Templates
  • Create easy-to-use checklists
  • Automated reports and analytics
  • Easily update with new information and policy guidance