Navigator Leave: Reduces the Risk and Administrative Burden of Leave Management

Navigator Leave

The Department of Labor estimates as many as 70% of employers are not in full compliance within leave guidelines.  Amid a shifting landscape of newly promulgated state and local leave laws and evolving federal standards under the Family and Medical Leave Act, employers are struggling to fully comply with leave requirements.  Additionally, meeting Department of Labor filing deadlines often proves to be a challenge.

With Navigator Leave, you’ll reduce your risk of exposure and liability while streamlining and easing the administrative burden associated with leave management.

The solution provides instant custom federal and state compliant forms for use, workflow integrated guidance, tailored automated deadline reminders, guidance on next steps and rapid reference for paid sick leave and FMLA with regard to state specific laws.


  • Quickly understand your responsibilities for compliance and internal policies
  • Up-to-date relevant information under the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Automated deadline reminders
  • Workflow integration for follow-up tasks