Navigator Onboarding: Lay the Groundwork for Smooth Onboarding

Navigator Onboarding

The employee onboarding process often involves producing multiple documents that must meet state and federal regulatory requirements.  For multi-state employers, differing state regulations add to the paperwork and increase exposure to potential compliance issues.  As legislation surrounding new hires continues to evolve, it is essential to make compliance a priority starting from day one.

Protect your organization and perfect your onboarding practices with Navigator Onboarding with easy to create multi-state and federal compliant offer letters, employment applications, and non-disclosure agreements – all customized to meet your organization’s needs within a matter of minutes.

The tool provides an entire end-to-end HR management process for new hires and onboarding. Instantly produce a customized offer letter, a state compliant employment application, and an employee non-disclosure agreement for any state.


  • Automate offer letters and documentation customized with your branding and text
  • Ensure compliance across the process
  • Simple integration with your document management systems