COVID Support Finder: Identify and understand stimulus and support that may be available to your business

Providing up-to-date guidance

As the pandemic struck, lockdowns began, and businesses closed their doors, Australian authorities began to launch financial stimulus and support packages for these businesses. While information about eligibility and requirements was available online, it could be difficult to find and understand, especially as support was available on many national, state, and local authority levels. Establishing what support a business was eligible for proved a stressful undertaking.

Deloitte had the expertise readily available to find and simplify the information on financial support, it was simply a matter of finding an efficient and effective way to relay this to those who needed it. This is where Neota came in. As Deloitte was already using Neota, they were able to develop new community support solutions at no extra cost. The solution, built and deployed in under two weeks, guides business owners through a series of questions to establish what support packages they may be eligible for, ultimately providing a simple yet comprehensive report, including information on deadlines, how to apply, and more. The benefit of building this platform in Neota was that Deloitte could update information as and when changes came about, or when new types of stimulus were available.

  • Streamline and digitize access to advice when individuals need it the most
  • Easy to maintain and update
  • Ensure consistency of advice

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