Document Automation Suite: Delivering accessible legal resources to the business

Self-service contracts and documents

Fujitsu sought to reduce the workload of high-volume, low-risk contracts on the legal team, and enhance business accessibility to legal resources

As a global communications and technology company, Fujitsu’s business operations rely on a multitude of contracts being drafted and executed, and their global in-house legal teams are frequently called upon to assist with a variety of contracts by the rest of the business.

When looking for valuable opportunities for digital transformation, Fujitsu’s legal teams identified this as an area where self-service automation would help reduce the burden of high-volume, low-risk work, to drive greater efficiency and consistency. Equally, the team constantly seeks to optimize and enhance the way the legal team provides support to the rest of the business.

Business users who require a contract simply access a web portal, select the type of contract they need, input minimal data specific to that contract, and instantly receive a contract ready to sign. The documents are all aligned to company policy and market localizations to ensure legal and regulatory compliance is adhered to.


  • Free up the legal team from low-risk workloads
  • Quick and accessible delivery of legal services to the business
  • Ensure consistency
  • Enhance efficiency

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